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Map markers are projects that Telesco Associates has designed.

Firm Profile

To label Telesco Associates as simply another architectural and interior design firm among the ultra-competitive South Florida hospitality landscape would be to sell them far short.

Headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, Tom Telesco and his team have garnered critical praise for their nightclub and restaurant design projects from the heart of South Beach throughout the domestic United States and into the Caribbean. Unfettered by a hierarchy of titles or even a formal dress code, the firm has earned it's reputation by joining the creative inspiration of their artists and architects with experienced hospitality designers, creating a business with the flexibility to adapt in response to the habitually changing needs of their clients.

Working closely in conjunction with their clients, Telesco Associates and their patrons pursue a shared objective: the realization of an owner's unique vision under the constraints of financial viability and future success.

One can not visit the nightclub or restaurant scene in South Beach without seeing Telesco Associates clubs and eateries. From the early 90's with successes at such memorable clubs as The Living Room, Zen, Bash & Chaos to the late 90's megaclubs including Shadow Lounge, Bacchanalia, Liquid, Opium Gardens and the legendary Crobar Miami, Telesco clubs have proven profitable and enduring.

Telesco Associates has been instrumental in the success of the most successful clubs in South Beach and the country. Around the country Telesco projects are seen in New York at Crobar NY, Chicago at Crobar Chicago, Detroit at Elysium Lounge, Raleigh North Carolina at Capital Cabaret and South Padre Island Texas at Pelican West.

Telesco's Miami Beach restaurants include Quarterdeck South Beach and Las Vacas Gordas Argentine Steak House. Andu Bistro opened February 11th 2009 in the Brickell area high rise Neo Vertica. Telesco Associates completed designing their second pub for the Waxy O'Connors group in that same building. The first Waxy O'Connors which was both designed and built by Telesco opened Friday February 8th 2008 on Miami Beach and with all of the millwork and bars imported from Ireland, exhibits the highest level of fit and finish seen in an Irish Pub in South Florida.

Telesco also designed Tootsies Cabaret, a 42,000 square foot adult club which opened in January 2006 and was sold for 35 million dollars in December 2007 after only 23 months in business. In the Islands, our designs include clubs Saturn in San Juan, XTC in the Cayman Islands and Heather's in the Bahamas. Telesco Associates (Florida License # AA-0002884) is headed by registered New York Architect and Builder Thomas J. Telesco AIA. Mr. Telesco is a former nightclub owner and understands the business from the inside out.

Mission Statement

"Great hospitality designs create the correct visual surroundings from the parking lot through the front door, the interior design to the actual menu itself, to let the patrons know and feel that perception that was intended by the designer. Everything visual associated with your venue sends a powerful message. Watch and perfect the visual messages you send. To offer 'quality' with out creating that perception of quality is to have failed your client and yourself." - T.J.Telesco AIA

Profitability for our clients is our measurement of success!

We know that our nightclub and restaurant clients are not only in the "alcohol" or "food" business. They are both in the Entertainment business and as such need to offer a dining or clubbing experience to their patrons not just a drink or a meal. Having a particular "house style" for a design firm can be a trap and Telesco Associates designs vary considerably based on the project, the marketplace and the intended demographic to ensure the maximum probability of financial success for their clients.


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